Pip starts her job at Lower Loxley. Kate betrays a confidence.

Radio Times: Pip hears some words of wisdom.

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  • There are two surprises for David this Sunday morning: Pip is uncharacteristically up and about and the reason for this is her first full shift at Lower Loxley. David didn’t know. She is going with Emma, who is a good deal more forthcoming than Pip about when David can expect her back.
  • Jill hasn’t been to Brookfield for a while, just because she knows how busy they are. Ruth explains how Pip is getting to them both, especially David; Phil used to be just the same with his daughters. Ruth has an update on Alan’s condition and on the volunteers who have taken over his challenge; David resists his mother’s suggestion that he might join them.
  • Emma has some advice for Pip about working in the restaurant, also about her love life: if she has found someone she likes, stick with him; they don’t come along too often.
  • The background to the inter-sibling strife at Brookfield is explained to Jill together with the issues with Pip and Jude. David makes himself busy on the farm to avoid the conversation.
  • Kate seems to be finding Sipho rather hard work with his boundless energy and mischievous streak. She explains to Adam that she has put Helen straight about the problems of motherhood, especially single motherhood. Of course she had assumed that he knew of Helen’s plans and as it happens she was right but Adam has no qualms about tearing her off a strip for breaking Helen’s confidence; she absolutely must not discuss Helen’s proposed baby with anyone else.

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