Kate seems rather discontented with her lot.

Radio Times: Vicky shows her sentimental side.

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  • At Grange Farm the first new cow is about drop her calf. If Vicky wants to be there she had better get her skates on.
  • Vicky is answering the door to Kate at the time, who is delivering Easter eggs. All thoughts of entertaining her to a cup of tea go out of the window as Vicky goes out of the door; Kate finds the disappointment bearable. It turns out to be a bull calf, destined for slaughter, and Vicky missed the birth.
  • Kate turns instead to baiting Alice; while in South Africa she had undertaken not to take any more money from dad. So who is paying Spearmint’s livery fees? Kate also advises against settling down too quickly with her first serious boyfriend; she seems to want to live a fuller life vicariously through Alice.
  • Ed is not best pleased to hear that Vicky now wants to be present at the next birth and she is unhappy about the short future faced by the new calf, which she insists on naming.
  • After a ride with her sister, Kate wonders whether Phoebe would like riding lessons; no need to ask who might pay! She doesn’t convince Alice when she claims that step-mother Hayley cannot love Phoebe as much as she does.
  • Back home, Ed relays the day’s events to Emma; despite Vicky’s sentimental approach, that calf will have to go.

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