David forgets a meeting. Eddie forgets a passenger. Clarrie worries about her evening out. Shula enjoys time out.

Radio Times: Something is preying on Clarrie’s mind, while Shula plays truant.

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  • Shearing is underway at Brookfield, and Ruth brings refurbishments for the labour force. David has forgotten an NFU meeting and is cross with himself. Virtuous Pip has gone into college but will bring Spencer home for tea, to Ruth’s delight.
  • Because Caroline is so busy following the leak at Grey Gables, Oliver is riding alone. When Shula’s next pupil cancels, she decides to join him, and they ride off together. Oliver persuades Shula to take charge of catering for the puppy show.
  • David is not the only man with a poor memory; Eddie has forgotten to pick Clarrie up and she is not pleased. When Eddie arrives, he is told off for drinking too much the previous evening.
  • The riders come across David, doing some fencing. Shula nags her brother about the single wicket competition, but he is saved by a call from Elizabeth to say the aerator has arrived.
  • A contrite Eddie tries to restore harmony with Clarrie, who says she isn’t sulking; she is concerned about Will and Nic. She sensed an atmosphere between them. Eddie brushes her concerns aside, saying it is not their business. Clarrie is not so easily reassured. Nic seemed so guarded.
  • Shula sees Ruth waiting for Josh and Ben. She comments that David seems much more relaxed; Ruth thinks Alistair must have said the right things.

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