Clarrie finds out Nic doesn’t want a baby and Eddie doesn’t approve.

Radio Times: Clarrie is determined to get an answer. Meanwhile, things are looking up at Brookfield.

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  • David has suddenly become a complete dynamo on the farm. What’s not to be happy about? Ruth is just glad he’s feeling better. They even go for a walk together. David admits he’s really feels like they’ve turned a corner.
  • Clarrie tries to find out what is worrying Nic but every time she tries to raise it, Nic manages to change the subject. Eventually Clarrie gets the truth out of her. She just doesn’t want another baby. She knows what it means to him but she has just got some time back to herself and her job at The Bull. Clarrie doesn’t blame her but she must tell William how she feels. Later Clarrie spills the beans to Eddie and he thinks Nic is quite in the wrong. It’s hard on Will not to have his son living with him. She tries to convince Eddie it isn’t their business but Eddie isn’t so sure.

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