Kate announces that Phoebe is going to go and live with her and Hayley insists Roy must stop her.

Radio Times: Hayley struggles to believe Kate’s latest news, and Freddie is in a thoughtful mood.

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  • Hayley is getting fed up with Kate again. She just winds Phoebe up and stops her getting on with her schoolwork. Then Kate rings and tells Hayley she is taking Phoebe out after school to make plans. That is bad enough but then Kate just announces that Phoebe wants to go and live in South Africa and runs off before they can even talk about it. Hayley is furious and insists Roy must nip this in the bud.
  • Eddie is still going on that it’s not fair that Nic has just decided she doesn’t want another baby. He’s bringing up her children after all. Clarrie tells him again that it’s Nic’s decision and he must keep his mouth shut. Very likely.
  • Roy comes across Freddie with the falcons. He obviously loves them and it reminds him of Nigel. Roy seems determined to think of a way through.
  • Oliver is planning a special birthday treat for Caroline in Cheltenham as a rest from the stress of the hotel even though she seems to be thriving on the challenge of managing without Roy. Kenton asks for his ideas on what he could give Jolene as a reward for giving up smoking.

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