Kathy discovers Jamie has a girlfriend.

Radio Times: The details of Jamie’s private life become public knowledge, and Roy questions some business decisions.

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  • Kathy is back to nagging at Jamie again as he starts his exams. Later on she is near the school and bumps into Jamie with Natalie. Kathy, of course, can’t help starting to nag him about having a girlfriend too. Then she nags him in to not working at The Bull during the exams and he is forced to agree.
  • Elizabeth tells Roy what a difference he is making. For the first time in ages she feels on top of things. Roy promises Hayley he has spoken to Kate. She kicked a bit but he laid it on the line. He’s also having ideas about the falconry. Although the numbers for the specialist days have fallen off, they do seem to boost attendance at other events. He’ll look into it a bit more and then maybe talk to Elizabeth.
  • Peggy has been to see Ted again and actually has made a small enamel brooch with him. Jill is very impressed. She is still a bit worried about being friends with him but she is sure Jack wouldn’t mind. And she persuades Jill to go along too on Friday.

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