David is finally convinced that things are looking up at Brookfield.

Radio Times: Oliver is feeling isolated and an afternoon of luxury awaits Jolene.

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  • David is making plans to work on the pasture at Lower Loxley. Things are looking better at Brookfield. The yield figures are now up enough to cut the supplementary feeding. Ruth is so pleased he’s looking better and he even suggests booking a meal out on Friday – they should really push the boat out.
  • Kenton produces a present for Jolene for giving up cigarettes for a month. It’s a pamper session at Grey Gables. Kenton isn’t sure Jamie having a new girlfriend in the middle of his exams is a good idea but Jolene thinks it might even be a good influence.
  • Caroline is beginning to look a bit fraught at Grey Gables and has to leave Oliver to his own devices while she keeps working. Still, she says she is looking forward to her birthday treat in Cheltenham next week.
  • Everything is going well at Lower Loxley; David is getting on with the grassland and Elizabeth has even booked some time off next week. Really, Elizabeth has everything she needs. Later, David is so relaxed he even manages to make a spontaneous trip to The Bull and to think of signing up for the single wicket.

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