Elizabeth gives David a picnic to thank him for all he has done for her and David blurts out that Nigel dying was all his fault. She storms off saying she never wants him near her or the children again.

Radio Times: A picnic at Lower Loxley takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Roy has everything under control.

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  • Roy has the plans for the English Wine Week well in hand with plans for picnics in the grounds. Elizabeth is treating David to a picnic too after his work on the pasture. He admits to Elizabeth he is feeling a bit more optimistic. Things seem to be on the up and he hopes they are for Elizabeth too. He admits that working at Lower Loxley in the office wasn’t really his thing. Thank goodness Kenton took over. Elizabeth says he was great; she’d never have got through without him. Knowing he was going to be there helped her get out of bed in the mornings. She is so pleased he is the children’s guardian. In the end there is so much praise David has to tell her. He encouraged Nigel to go up on the roof. It was his fault. Elizabeth is devastated. She and the children had been so angry with Nigel for doing it and all the time David knew he was responsible for Nigel’s death. She storms off telling him never to come near him or the children again.
  • Roy’s new car has arrived and they are both thrilled with it. But Phoebe is still sulking that she has been told she can’t go to South Africa with Kate. Roy thinks she’ll get over it.

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