David is appalled that Brian still has thoughts of a life with Siobhán, while the Grundys have more pressing matters.

Radio Times: The Grundys’ cider making gets under way.

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  • Brian’s accident is still causing problems for Adam. Not only is the contract still missing, and its disappearance could mean the RPA not paying up, but Adam has been charged by a stag, and has gashed his hand on the gate latch, trying to tend the deer single-handed.
  • Plans for the cider-pressing party are well under way. Joe is deep in the Echo, enjoying Lynda’s Olde Englyshe ad. for the Christmas production, and Bert’s entry for the National Poetry day competition.
  • When David calls in to see Brian, he is overwhelmed by Brian’s gratitude for the part he and Ruth played in bringing Siobhán to the hospital. But the accident hasn’t changed Brian’s feelings about the possibility of a life with Siobhán. He knows it’s all over, but he had really hoped that they might have a future together. David is appalled, and tells Brian to count his blessings. According to Brian, that doesn’t include his visit from the Vicar.
  • Adam is forced to mention the missing contract to Brian, who tells him it’s in his brief-case – but that was in the car. Adam’s stress levels are rising so visibly that David hauls him off to the Grundy’s Cider party, where Eddie does a good job in getting his guests to do all the work while he supervises.
  • Jennifer’s computer session is interrupted by Brian, who is bored and miserable, and feeling that he doesn’t deserve such a wonderful wife. Jennifer suggests a walk round the farm tomorrow, which seems to cheer Brian up
  • At the Grundy field, Bert is offended by Joe’s digs at his poem. When Joe reads it aloud, the cider pressers are delighted with the unintentional double entendre. But Eddie pours oil – or rather beer – on troubled waters and proposes a toast to the success of the cider enterprise.

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