Amy reveals to her father the cause of her rift with Alice and resolves to sort it out herself.

Radio Times: Alan has words of wisdom for Amy.

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  • It’s the day of the Hunt’s PR meeting at the Village Hall. Oliver is keeping Caroline waiting, having been helping Eddie and family to pick apples for the Cider pressing. In return he’s got an invitation to Eddie’s Cider Bash – but it’s men only.
  • With her usual lack of sensitivity, Lynda descends on Alan and Amy as they are struggling to unpack their things at the Vicarage in Ambridge. She’s keen to discuss the finer points of the Mystery Play production as well as to have a snoop round their belongings. Alan just manages to get rid of her without losing his Vicarly cool.
  • On their way to the Village Hall, Oliver and Caroline suggest that Alan and Amy should come along. Amy makes her views abundantly clear, Alan is rather more diplomatic. But there’s a good turn out for the Hunt, including the residents of Glebelands, and although Tony comes along to maintain a lone-voice anti-hunting protest, he doesn’t make much headway, especially against Oliver. Lynda’s anti-hunting scruples seem to have been forgotten as she tries, rather unsuccessfully, to persuade all and sundry to take part in her Christmas production.
  • Back at the Vicarage, Alan tries to persuade Amy to sort things out with Alice, but when she lets it slip that Alice called her a Black during their row, he too is upset and wants to speak to Alice himself. Amy refuses, so they make a cup of Fair-Trade tea (of course) and hang up a picture of Amy’s Mum, to make it look like home.

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