Brian comes home to convalesce while Adam strives to keep him free of farm problems.

Radio Times: Anxious times for Christine.

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  • While Jennifer gets ready to go and fetch Brian, Adam is frantically looking for a contract. He doesn’t want to worry Brian about it. Adam goes to change out of his work clothes, and Jennifer takes the opportunity to ask Alice exactly what happened between her and Amy. A tearful Alice admits that she was horrible to Amy, and that she bitterly regrets what she said. Jennifer is not entirely sympathetic.
  • Ruth and George exchange problems. George is worried about Chris after the Horobin court case, though they do now have a dog to protect them. Ruth is having PR problems over the cheaper cuts of beef and complaining customers. The sight of Adam and Jennifer en route for the hospital reawakens Ruth’s guilt over the Siobhán visit, and she rushes off.
  • Meanwhile Chris is in a real state over Clive’s lenient sentence. She’s convinced that he’ll have a second attempt at harming George. George is more phlegmatic; if they go on thinking like that, Clive will have won, so he intends to throw away the paper and its coverage of the trial, and to watch a film with Chris.
  • Back at Home Farm, Adam is still furiously searching for the contract while Brian is finding things difficult. Alice is delighted with her birthday camera-phone, but Brian refuses to have his photo taken for Debbie. His short-term memory seems to have been affected by the accident, and when Jennifer gets him to bed, doing her class mother-hen act, Brian dissolves in tears. The sight and smell of the old familiar things is just too much for him. Don’t worry, says Jennifer, you’re home now. But is that what’s on Brian’s mind?

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