Susan gets defensive as Clive is sent down.

Radio Times: Shula and Susan clash over Clive.

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  • it’s the day of Clive Horobin’s court appearance, and Susan is in a real state, not least because she and Neil are late. Usha tries to calm her down, but has to remind Susan that Clive will almost certainly get a custodial sentence. This reduces Susan to near hysterics.
  • When Alistair and Shula see Susan arrive, Shula thinks she should speak to her, but Alistair thinks they shouldn’t intrude. His concern for Susan’s feelings is viewed by Susan as a deliberate slight, though.
  • When Clive makes his appearance, Susan is very upset. Clive doesn’t sound upset, though; he puts on a good show of couldn’t-care-less. Usha tells the court that prison hasn’t helped in the past, and won’t in the future. What Clive needs is anger-management classes. The court is not convinced, and Clive gets a four month prison sentence. To those in court, it’s far too lenient. Susan doesn’t quite see it that way, though.
  • While Shula is relaying the news on her mobile in the Ladies’ to Caroline, who is lobbying Lord Netherbourne about the Hunting Bill, Susan walks in. There is a difficult moment, during which Shula tries to show sympathy for Susan. But Susan isn’t in the mood for pity; sarcastically, she suggests that Shula might like to gloat to one or two more friends, and should be glad that Clive isn’t her brother.
  • A shocked Shula tells Neil what has happened, and he tells Susan she shouldn’t have flown off the handle at Shula, who, after all, was the victim in all this. But Susan really lets rip; she’s sick of being pitied, and she’s the only person left who cares about Clive.

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