Alice makes a mess of things, blurting out a racist remark to Amy.

Radio Times: Alice and Amy get political.

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  • While Brian languishes in hospital, dotingly cared for by Jennifer, but seemingly with his mind elsewhere, Alice and Amy get busy making a huge ‘Welcome Home’ banner. Their girly chat soon turns nasty, however, when their violently opposed views on hunting come to light. Alice throws a real wobbler, makes a racist remark to Amy, then gets genuinely upset at what she’s done. She rushes from the room, knocking paint all over the Home Farm kitchen.
  • At Lower Loxley, Nigel brings Lizzie breakfast in bed. He’s just so glad that Siobhán is finally out of the way, and is looking forward to having Lizzie all to himself. His joy is short-lived, though, because Lizzie has asked Usha round.
  • Usha arrives, glad to get away from work for a while. She doesn’t find cases like Clive Horobin’s too bad; it’s when the defendant treats his court appearance as a platform for airing his personal views that she can’t cope. Like David? Well … maybe she’d better not discuss particular cases.
  • Their chat is interrupted by Nigel, who has got the plans for his proposed cruck barn. It’s a really exciting project, particularly since most of the labour will be provided by students learning to build cruck barns.
  • When Jenny returns, desperate to tell Alice that Brian may be home in a few days’ time, she finds Amy clearing up paint from the walls and floor while she waits for her father to collect her. Alice has gone to her bedroom and is distraught but won’t tell her mother what has happened

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