Siobhán returns to Ireland and, having taken Lizzie’s advice, does not seem inclined to keep in touch.

Radio Times: A birthday for Jill.

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  • Jennifer has remembered Jill’s birthday, despite all her troubles, but will not be coming to the Harvest Home this evening. David returns from a meeting with Usha, to discuss the case for mitigation; he is annoyed that he will have to express regret for killing the badger and thinks the fine may be a big one. Jennifer’s mention of Brian’s surprise visitor almost wrong-foots David and Ruth – it was Joe, of course. So it seems they got away with it yesterday.
  • Meanwhile Siobhán is packing. Elizabeth’s offer of a lift to the airport is declined; she has already booked a taxi. She almost rang Germany earlier and chucked the job; it has not turned out how she imagined it would.
  • At the party, Clarrie is in good spirits. Ed is there too, helping Fallon; he seems to be pulling himself round.
  • Elizabeth urges Siobhán to keep in touch but it seems unlikely that she will: it wouldn’t work, anyway Elizabeth is always busy with her work and her family, the Archer/Aldridge clan. Blood really is thicker.
  • Alan is taken aback by the news that Lynda has pressed ahead so far with preparations for the Mystery plays at Christmas but is assured that her ventures usually turn out well.
  • Jennifer is thrilled by the prospect of Brian coming home soon and declares her love for him anew. He loves her too, with all his heart. (That would be including the part that yesterday would always be with Siobhán!)

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