The day of Siobhán’s visit; all goes well until Joe Grundy arrives, also visiting Brian. It’s close but they get away with it.

Radio Times: David takes some risky action.

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  • A clandestine operation is underway: while Siobhán and Ruairidh visit Brian, David and Ruth are stationed in the corridor, jumping at every passer-by and watching the car park and the stairs. Ridiculous it may be, but better than the alternative of Siobhán turning up out of the blue. Oh, no!(*) Joe Grundy has just got off the bus. David rushes away to head him off, while Ruth is left holding the baby, literally: he was getting too fractious to stay with Brian.
  • With the excuse that Brian is having treatment, Joe is steered to the café, where David gets a blow by blow account of the pole barn saga.
  • Upstairs Brian and Siobhán are enjoying a kiss and a cuddle. They exchange stories about how each had to wait two days to find out about the other. He was afraid she would still be angry but she couldn’t stay angry with him; she loves him.
  • Brian would like to stay like this for ever but “all things must pass” (not a quote from a Greek philosopher but from George Harrison). Siobhán had prepared a speech but Brian realises that this must be goodbye. He will always love her; part of his heart will always be with her. She will keep him supplied with pictures of his son, who will not forget him – nor will she.
  • David has left Joe in the shop and rushes back to whisk Siobhán and Ruairidh out just in time. When Joe is installed in Brian’s room, David makes his excuses and leaves lest Joe wants a lift home! Joe is persuaded to help Brian to the window and spots David leaving the car park. Wouldn’t Brian like to be in that Land Rover? You’ll never know how much!
    * Devotees of ‘Dead Ringers’ should note that David said this, not Ruth.

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