Elizabeth tells Siobhán that she can see Brian tomorrow – but she must say goodbye.

Radio Times: Siobhán hears some home truths.

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  • Joe is pleasantly surprised when his apple-picking is interrupted by Ed, up bright and early. He has to paint window frames later and then will be meeting Fallon. He has heard that Kenton is running some late-night poker games but he does not need Joe to tell him that is a mug’s game. He almost forgets that he has brought a letter for Joe. The Planning Inspector will call on Monday 13th so he has no time to waste; he must get some stock to create a good impression.
  • Jennifer is bringing David up to date about Brian when Joe passes, looking for Adam to ask about borrowing some sheep. David cannot help with cattle because of the TB. Joe reckons that Brian needs some male company.
  • To Elizabeth’s annoyance, Siobhán breaks her curfew and appears in the office. Elizabeth assures her that she will try to find a way but Siobhán is not helping. Then David rings to say that, for Jennifer’s sake if nothing else he will take Siobhán and Ruairidh in to the hospital tomorrow afternoon.
  • Brian is delighted to receive David’s call; it will be no trouble keeping Adam busy but Brian must deal with Jennifer. Lying is still a stock-in-trade and he has no trouble in persuading Jennifer to have an afternoon off and go to the Farmers’ Market.
  • Elizabeth tells Siobhán of the plan but there is more: this is her chance to say goodbye, to do the right thing. Deep down she must know there is no future for her and Brian. It has not been as clear to Elizabeth before; she will stay in touch when Siobhán goes to Germany but she cannot involve herself any more.

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