Against his better judgement David agrees to help Brian see Siobhán.

Radio Times: David has a dilemma.

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  • Brian is surrounded by the female members of his clan: Jennifer, Peggy, Jill. He is glad to be out of Intensive Care but it seems that he craves male company because he keeps asking about David: is he coming in, has he called, has he left a message? This is interpreted as concern about how Adam is coping.
  • At Brookfield things are going well, although David would be grateful for a phone call to say that Siobhán has gone! Ruth agrees to take Bert to look at sheds, as promised.
  • Outside the hospital, in the fresh air, Jennifer tells Peggy that there is a positive side to the accident. She is willing Brian to get better so that she can show him all the love and care she has kept buried over the last nine months. It’s a chance for happiness and she will not let it slip away.
  • As Ruth and Jill take stock of all the food promised for the Harvest Home, Brian calls, desperate to talk to David; Jill assures him that all is well with the farm and urges him to rest but she does agree to tell David that he called.
  • Later David heeds the call and visits Brian. He is desperate for news of Siobhán because he can’t remember anything. David is happy to reassure him that she is alright but not so keen to help when he says he must see her. Brian is so agitated that David fears it will make him worse; Brian wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t so important to him, so David agrees to see what he can do.

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