David realises Siobhán was with Brian at the crash; Nigel tells Siobhán how selfish she is and tells her she ought to leave.

Radio Times: Nigel clashes with Siobhán.

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  • The bedside vigil continues – Jennifer and Adam are with Brian, who is able to speak, although is clearly in a lot of discomfort. He is desperate to talk to David. Adam and Jennifer interpret this as concern about the farm and assure him that all is running smoothly. After Adam leaves, Brian asks Jennifer about the details of his accident – he wants to know if anyone else (Siobhán!!) was involved, though it is not clear whether this is because of concern about her being identified, or whether he is concerned she may have also been hurt.
  • In an update from Adam, David hears about the mystery woman who phoned the ambulance after Brian’s accident. Realising this must have been Siobhán, David calls Elizabeth to find out more. It is obvious that Siobhán is staying at Lower Loxley, and that she was indeed with Brian at the time of the crash. David tells Elizabeth how stupid she is being, and that she MUST get rid of Siobhán – send her back to Ireland as soon as possible. To David’s disbelief, Elizabeth tells him that Siobhán won’t go back – at least not until she has seen Brian in person.
  • At Lower Loxley, when Siobhán hears that Brian is out of his coma, she is all for going to the hospital to see him. When Elizabeth is out of the way, Nigel (very much out of character) lays into Siobhán, telling her how totally selfish she is, what an immense strain this is putting on Elizabeth, and that the best thing for everybody – including Brian – would be for her to pack her bags and stop wrecking other peoples lives.

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