Alistair gets first prize for Phil’s reject cake; Brian starts to come round in hospital after two days of intensive care.

Radio Times: An emotional day for Jennifer.

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  • Jennifer has been keeping up an almost two-day constant vigil at Brian’s hospital bedside, where he is still unconscious. Peggy has called in and updates her on how the family are rallying round back in Ambridge. Jennifer is grateful to the female passer-by who phoned the ambulance, and would like to find out who she is (I bet she would!). She is also worried that the accident could have been caused by a recurrence of Brian’s epilepsy. Peggy persuades her to take a break and go back home for a while – there is no point in making herself ill too.
  • At Lower Loxley, an upset and slightly bruised Siobhán is desperate to find out how Brian is. Elizabeth has said she can stay with them for the moment, as long as she keeps within her rooms or in their private garden during the day. Siobhán is still bewildered at how Brian told her he loved her, and then went on to say he loved Jenny more. She begs Elizabeth to find out how he is doing…
  • Outside the village hall, Alistair and Lynda are awaiting the results of the Flower and Produce show. Once back inside, Lynda has done well with her flowers – the secret ingredient of Llama ‘beans’ seems to have done the trick. Alistair meanwhile has scooped first prize in the men-only cake-baking competition – until, that is, Shula points out that he has inadvertently entered one of Phil’s rejects!
  • Shula drops Jennifer back at the hospital to relieve Peggy. Brian is off the ventilator, and actually opened his eyes 15 minutes ago. After Peggy has gone, Brian comes into semi-consciousness, much to Jenny’s relief, though is not up to speaking just yet.

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