After rejecting Siobhán for a second time, Brian crashes his car and is left seriously injured.

Radio Times: Crunch time for Brian.

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  • The atmosphere at Lower Loxley is decidedly cool as Siobhán arrives to leave Ruairidh with Elizabeth while she keeps her appointment with Brian. Nigel is concerned at the possible effects on Lizzie and the family.
  • Siobhán seems convinced that Brian will agree to her plan of a new life together in Munich, and has brought the champagne along to celebrate. They decide to go for a drive and find a secluded place to talk.
  • The Flower and Produce Show is causing problems throughout Ambridge. Alistair’s latest practice cake has disappeared inside Scruff, Phil and Jill keep giving unwilling recipients samples of their latest offerings, and Jennifer can’t eat them because she’s getting in trim for her romantic holiday with Brian.
  • While Jennifer enjoys her chat with Shula, her two-timing husband initially goes along with Siobhán’s fantasies about little farms with streams for Ruairidh to play in, no more business worries, just the three of them in a fairy-tale relationship. But then – No, says Brian, I love Jenny – she’s such a tower of strength – where would I be without her? I love her like no-one else. A hysterical Siobhán screams for Brian to stop the car, threatening to jump out. She grabs the steering wheel, Brian loses control and a serious accident ensues.
  • A semi-conscious Brian just summons the strength to tell Siobhán to hide before the ambulance comes. No-one must know they were together. Sobbing, Siobhán phones Elizabeth, begging her to help.

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