Clive shows Usha no sign that he wishes to help himself; David tries to get Brian to think the Siobhán situation through rationally.

Radio Times: David takes Brian to task.

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  • Usha pays a visit to Clive, but gets a rude response, especially when she points out how much he owes Susan. An exasperated Usha doesn’t mince her words.
  • The flower and produce show is uppermost in George’s mind, and he gives David a lecture on the benefits of planting African Marigolds amongst the Brassicas. David, unsurprisingly, fails to share George’s enthusiasm, especially since he has received a summons to appear before the Magistrates for his shooting of the badger. He thinks he’ll have to stand down from the Parish Council, but George reassures him.
  • As Usha takes out her frustrations with Clive on her hedge, Jennifer arrives with an entry form for the Flower and Produce Show. She is quickly followed by George, still boring on about his Brassicas and Leeks.
  • Siobhán phones to check that Brian is still free for their planned meeting tomorrow. Elizabeth has agreed to have Ruairidh. Somewhat evasively, Brian says they will talk about the future then, and reaches for the whisky, only to be confronted by David, who tells Brian he should do a cost / benefit analysis of the situation; that way he’d see just how much he stands to lose. They are interrupted by Jennifer, with the news that Adam had managed to drive the drill into a pylon.
  • When an exhausted and rain-soaked Brian returns to Home Farm from sorting out the drill problem, he is greeted by the adoring Jennifer, positively oozing wifely concern and devotion. Brian sounds quite genuinely grateful.

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