Eddie removes the cider press from Grange farm without permission, but Oliver doesn’t mind; Brian seems to be leaning towards a life in Munich

Radio Times: Eddie spots an opportunity.

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  • All the worry about Clive has made Susan even more edgy than usual. When Ed comments on Emma’s new moped, Susan lashes out, reminding him that only people with proper jobs are eligible for the scheme. Emma tells her mum that she was out of order, and Susan breaks down. Emma offers to go with her to ask Usha’s advice about a psychiatric assessment for Clive.
  • While Oliver is out, Eddie and Ed come to collect the cider press, but it soon emerges, to Ed’s fury, that Eddie hadn’t approached Oliver about it first. Oliver is, as ever, charm itself, and insists that Eddie should take not only the press, but the apples, too.
  • Meanwhile Brian’s dilemma over his future seems to be partially resolved, as Oliver confides to Brian how wonderful it is to have a beautiful younger partner. Then, by coincidence, Siobhán phones to say she’s back in Felpersham. Brian can’t get over there fast enough, and when he arrives, Siobhán pulls out all the stops to persuade him to come to Munich with her and Ruairidh.

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