Oliver tells Ed he should think himself lucky to have a second chance; Jennifer tries to make things up to an unreceptive Brian.

Radio Times: Oliver gives Ed lessons in life.

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  • While Caroline has to get back to work, Oliver and Shula discuss the pleasures of an Autumn morning’s hunting. Ed has spent the morning putting in some labour for Oliver, and shows an unexpectedly soft streak when he asks whether Daniel has recovered from the Clive Horobin incident.
  • As Adam waits for his friend Declan at Grey Gables, he meets Jennifer, who is topping up her tan on the sunbed; all part of her master plan for making things up with Brian. Adam admits that he’s finding Brian hard work at present – he just won’t make time to discuss the strawberry project. Jennifer says she will pin him down. Oddly, she thinks, Brian does seem rather preoccupied at present.
  • Jennifer is not the only family member at Grey Gables. Shula is enjoying a swim, and feeling pleased that some of her livery customers are returning their horse. She’s hoping to build the business up again now Autumn is here.
  • Oliver drives Ed home from his first ETS session, and Ed is distinctly morose, moaning about the losers he’s forced to share the class with, and how it’s even worse than school. Oliver seizes the moment, and delivers a lecture on how lucky Ed is to have this chance to make something of his life. A lot of people care about Ed, and he should appreciate the fact.
  • When Brian comes in, Jennifer makes a big effort to make amends for the row over the off-shore investments. Brian even gets a kiss. Then comes Jennifer’s surprise – why don’t they celebrate Brian’s 60th birthday with a trip to South Africa? Brian struggles, unsuccessfully, to sound enthusiastic.

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