Alistair’s cake making attempt is a disaster; Brian seriously considers whether to go to Munich with Siobhán.

Radio Times: Alistair rises to the challenge.

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  • Alistair and Bert complete a difficult but successful calving – another heifer for the Brookfield herd. Bert takes a dim view of the Vicar’s Fair Trade leaflets stand in church, and his moans about this lead on to moans about his chances in the Flower and Produce Show. David’s comments on Phil’s cake baking cause Alistair to take up the challenge of entering a cake himself.
  • While she is picking up Josh’s lost Killer Borg toy from Lower Loxley, Ruth takes the opportunity to talk to Lily and Freddy. Lily’s rapture over the recent visit of Mummy’s friend and her baby Ruaridh cause Ruth some concern. When she tells David, he first of all phones Lizzie to demand the truth, then rushes off to confront Brian.
  • Alistair soon discovers that cake-baking is more difficult than it looks, especially if you don’t pre-heat the oven.
  • When Nigel discovers that Siobhán’s visit is no longer a secret, he explodes at Lizzie, who, unusually, admits that she has been wrong all along to allow Siobhán to come to Lower Loxley, and they are now in an awful mess.
  • Brian’s initial bluster is short lived; he admits to David that he has indeed seen Siobhán and Ruairidh, and there’s more – Jenny’s behaviour over Peggy’s Off-Shore investments for the children, Debbie’s departure for France, Kate’s new life in Africa, the fact that Adam is not his flesh and blood all add up to one thing – he’s in a rut and a new life with Siobhán could restore his energy and make him live again. So he’s seriously thinking of going to Munich.

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