Lynda gets her man, or so she thinks, when Foursquare goes too far.

Radio Times: Joe has a birthday bash.

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  • New Vicar Alan attempts to exercise his pastoral skills on Brian, inviting him to talk over his problems, but doesn’t get much response; in fact Brian can’t get away fast enough.
  • The birthday bash for Joe is in full swing, though Joe and Eddie seem to be downing most of the drink. Lynda makes a big thing of boycotting it, to show her disapproval of the pole-barn, but can’t resist turning up in order to unmask Foursquare a.k.a. Mike Tucker, who has been posting unpleasant messages on her message board from A gobsmacked Mike points out that they are not actually connected to the internet.
  • New Vicar Alan now attempts to exercise his peace-making skills and to divert Lynda by suggesting they should stage Mystery Plays in the church.
  • Brian’s preoccupied state comes to David’s attention during a conversation about CAP reforms. David is mystified by Brian’s unaccustomed lack of enthusiasm.

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