Siobhán and Jennifer each are making plans for Brian.

Radio Times: Jennifer plans for the future.

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  • Brian is in Felpersham visiting Siobhán and Ruairidh. Nothing so formal as a handshake but their greeting is very continental and civilised. He is very grateful for the invitation; it is lovely to see her again – and Ruairidh too, of course. Should they go out for a meal? Brian prefers to have something sent up.
  • George is pouring out his feelings to David about Clive Horrobin; he would like to see him locked up for life. David thinks that is a bit extreme; Clive always was a real little creep but he is not worth getting hot and bothered about. George reveals that Chris is worried about him having another crack, maybe at her.
  • Brian brings Siobhán up to date on matters at Home Farm. Adam is not the easiest person to get on with; he is opinionated and close to his mother. Brian and Jennifer have good days and bad days and he occasionally wonders if they are making progress. Siobhán is about to tell him about her life when Ruairidh covers her in yoghourt – par for the course for a mum.
  • Where is Brian? Adam is still wanting a discussion about strawberries, since Brian stood him up yesterday. He doesn’t understand why Brian was so upset about the offshore accounts. Jennifer feels she could have handled it better but plans to make amends by taking him off somewhere really special for his 60th birthday.
  • Back from the bathroom, Siobhán announces that she has been offered a job in Munich, starting in 6 weeks time. She wants Brian to come too; she still has strong feelings for him. She does not expect an answer now but will he let her know when she comes back from London next week.

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