Brian gets a shock when Siobhán makes contact.

Radio Times: Surprise in store for Brian.

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  • Ed is helping Eddie clean some bricks for re-use but will not be able to help to build a wall with them on Saturday because he has to report to an Old Folks Home in Borchester. Ed is less impressed than Eddie that Clarrie has persuaded Tom (via Pat) to donate some sausages for the party in the pole barn.
  • Elizabeth is keen to catch up with Siobhán’s schedule so that they can meet up again before her weekend in London.
  • Susan is glad to stop for a few minutes to talk things through with the vicar. She feels people are avoiding her, although maybe it is really the other way round. People tend to tar the whole family with the same brush. Neil has been very supportive, although he can’t stand Clive. Really, Clive is not as bad as he is painted; he is ill.
  • Ed is dispatched to deliver the last of the leaflets, although he feels that people peek round their curtains at him. Hold your head high, advises Joe who, unknown to Clarrie, is busy adding apple brandy to her freshly made marmalade.
  • Susan compares Clive’s treatment to others (could she mean Ed?) but prison won’t do him any good. Alan gently points out that he does have a history of violent offences and society has a right to protect itself. Susan is sure that a psychiatrist would see that he is ill; he has not said sorry for what he has done – he doesn’t seem to understand how wrong it was.
  • Brian is expecting a call from Adam because he is late for their appointment. But it is not Adam who rings, it’s Siobhán. She cannot see him today but at least she establishes that he is keen to see her and Ruairidh. Is he busy tomorrow afternoon?

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