Siobhán and Ruairidh spend an afternoon at Lower Loxley; Nigel worries about it.

Radio Times: An old face arrives in Ambridge.

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  • Siobhán is due at Lower Loxley in an hour and Nigel is fussing; he does not want them to make problems for themselves.
  • Alan points out to Amy that the crack in the vicarage wall is also visible from outside; it will have to be underpinned and they will have to move out.
  • At Brookfield the beef has been cut and packed, now David and Ruth are preparing to deliver it.
  • Amy is at The Stables for a lesson and tells Shula that she is really pleased to have been invited to go with the family to the Horse of the Year Show on Saturday.
  • Siobhán is surprised at how much the twins have grown but so has Ruairidh. It is clear that she has not had much work. She is meeting friends from the agency tonight and is going to London for the weekend. She still intends to see Brian but has arranged nothing yet. She will be back next week and staying in a very stylish hotel in Felpersham, the Fotheringay.
  • When Alan comes to collect Amy, hotfoot from a visit to the Grundys, Shula takes the opportunity to voice her views on forgiveness. She is certainly not feeling very charitable towards Clive Horrobin right now, although she is trying not to hate him. Alan is not surprised; it is understandable that we feel angry and want to punish but we still have to give people the chance to put things right.
  • Siobhán has had a great afternoon and Elizabeth is keen to meet up again before she goes to London. When they are alone, Nigel again voices his misgivings: suppose Jennifer were to find out, how on earth does Lizzie think she would react.

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