Ed is shown the path to rehabilitation; unrepentent Clive is anxious about a return to prison.

Radio Times: Joe has some wise words for Ed.

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  • In response to a plea from Joe, Jill has turned up at Keeper’s Cottage with some spare jars – rather more than Clarrie needs. She tries to discuss marmalade but Clarrie’s mind is clearly elsewhere.
  • Mr Cooper (call me Mal) is explaining to Ed the details of his Community Punishment and Rehabilitation Order, also the Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS) course. He soon gets the picture that Ed feels he has messed everything up and invites him to unburden himself.
  • Susan has braved the prison again, in answer to a call from Clive, but she won’t be shouted at or sworn at. He is really worried about the prospect of going back inside and facing more harassment from the crew he messed with.
  • Ed confides to Mal about Emma and about his relationship with Will, who thinks he is a waste of space; Ed thinks so too. Obviously he has a very low opinion of himself so maybe the ETS course will help. His family do not know about Emma but Fallon does; she is a mate, he doesn’t fancy her – well, he does a bit.
  • Susan advises sticking with Usha; Clive thinks solicitors are all the same anyway. He is sorry for what he has done but only because they weren’t George Barford’s horses; at least he gave George’s niece a hard time! (Charming!)
  • Joe has printed some posters and leaflets about the party and recruits Ed, when he has given an account of the day, to help distribute them. It will have to be his birthday present; all Joe really wants in that line is for Clarrie’s mind to be made easy. Has Ed got the brains or guts to stay out of trouble in future?

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