Brian discovers the financial arrangements which have been made ‘behind his back’.

Radio Times: Brian confronts Jennifer.

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  • Adam is keen to find a suitable time to talk to Brian about his strawberry plans, which will require investment. Brian is playing hard to get: he has a mountain of paperwork and an oh-so-important partridge shoot on Wednesday and he offers the sarcastic suggestion that Adam might ask Kate for a loan. Adam cannot avoid revealing that they all, not just Kate, have off-shore accounts set up by their Gran; Brian can barely conceal that he didn’t know.
  • It’s Clive’s day in court but he has had to wait. As agreed he pleads guilty and Usha tries to mitigate the consequences by asking for a report, so that the court can make an informed decision.
  • Brian confronts Jennifer about the money given to his children and step-children. Adam looks in briefly and gets his head bitten off when he asks again for an appointment, the elusive Personal Organiser now being to hand. Brian offers just one option this week, which Adam accepts even though he will have to change what he has arranged with Brookfield.
  • Clive is not best pleased. He has been remanded for 3 weeks for a report but not a psychiatric report; the court decided that was inappropriate. He clearly doesn’t think Usha has done enough.
  • At Home Farm, the row continues – which is more or less why Jennifer hadn’t told him in the first place. Brian is annoyed that it has all been done behind his back and he queries Jenny’s motives: is she making sure of the children’s future so that she can bail out at some point? And has she cooked up anything else? He questions why they have bothered to try to save their marriage if they cannot be open with each other.

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