George wishes a severe punishment on Clive Horrobin but is persuaded not to go to court.

Radio Times: Jill and Phil get competitive.

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  • In the wee small hours, David has a difficult calving to deal with. Ruth comes out in time to see the heifer born.
  • After church the talk soon turns to the sermon; George is not enamoured with Alan’s conciliatory attitude towards wrongdoers. Christine moves him on to less controversial ground, asking Jennifer for the loan of a trailer to tidy up the Millennium Wood on Friday; Jennifer would like to help and maybe Brian would too (… and pigs might fly!).
  • At Brookfield, Jill explains that it is sometimes a bit awkward having Phil in her small kitchen, experimenting with lemon drizzle cake for the Flower & Produce Show, especially when she is still churning out unusual marmalades.
  • Brian has had an email from Kate and is surprised to see a mention of her and Lucas buying a house “using Gran’s money”; he is even more surprised to find that Jennifer knows all about the money but thinks it strange that Peggy should be favouring Kate above the others. (They don’t tell him much these days, do they!) He is prepared to lend George his old trailer but as for helping – it will be a very busy week.
  • Jill has left another pot of marmalade with Christine but it will take more than that to sweeten George: he has decided to go to court tomorrow to observe Clive Horrobin’s case. No, he mustn’t; it might make Clive angry. Chris is fearful that he might come back again and not be content just with harming horses next time. George gives in grudgingly but will not rest until he knows what that little thug has got coming to him.

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