Usha doubts Clive’s need of a psychiatrist (but Nigel might well need one!).

Radio Times: Usha has a day in court.

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  • Nigel and Elizabeth are having a day out, pausing only to drop off an old banner which Ruth will be decorating for Josh’s party later. Nigel is still unhappy about having Siobhán to stay at Lower Loxley but Elizabeth is not keen to discuss it for fear of spoiling their day.
  • Since an important piece of prosecution evidence has still not arrived (blood and DNA analyses) Usha asks for another adjournment of Clive’s case until Monday, when it should be to hand. If not granted, she would have to advise her client to plead “not guilty”; even Clive is entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • The Pargetters’ day out is to a museum of buildings and it is not long before Nigel reveals the latest bee in his bonnet – Lower Loxley’s very own cruck barn. It would be built by Nigel and his tame bodger, Alec, and would be the perfect venue for green woodworking courses and demonstrations, to say nothing of weddings. He also pins Lizzie down about Siobhán’s visit: the family are always popping in, especially Jill, how can they ask her not to reveal Siobhán’s presence to Jennifer. Elizabeth gives in, but insists that she will still make her friend welcome; she is not going to be banned.
  • Usha calls on Susan to tell her about the day’s court non-event. She concedes that she could get her firm to arrange for a pyschiatric report for Clive but it would be expensive and probably unproductive: he had been out of prison and away from the alleged trauma for 18 months. He may well need help but she doesn’t believe it is from a psychiatrist.

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