Clive thinks he will escape gaol by pleading mental damage.

Radio Times: Caroline builds bridges.

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  • At Brookfield the testing of Jill’s unusual marmalades continues but David gets more than he bargained for with Onion marmalade. David checks the diary for 21st because they have been invited to the Grundys’ party along with the rest of the village – bring your own food and drink!
  • Caroline calls at The Stables to rescue her friendship with Shula; the business with Clive must not be allowed to come between them. They decide on a ride.
  • Usha is visiting her client in prison, accompanied by a trainee. Clive is going to plead guilty so they need to concentrate on mitigation. He feels like somebody else did the attacks, a different person; he thinks he needs psychiatric help because he suffered a “sustained period of brutal intimidation” (who gave him that line?) in prison. Usha can ask the court for a psychiatric report but it is up to them. Clive is unwilling to ‘cough’ for the earlier attacks unless there is evidence against him; however, Usha persuades him that it would be in his best interests to ask for them to be taken into consideration because then he could not be prosecuted for them later.
  • On their ride, Shula and Caroline encounter David, which gives an opportunity to ask about the use of a barn for the church’s Harvest Home; the date in question is 3rd October, their mum’s birthday, so the two could be combined. David will even provide some of his excellent Hereford beef.
  • Over lunch, Usha and her trainee (Clive called him a ‘toy-boy’) compare notes. She thinks Clive sees the mental damage route as a way out of gaol; she will ask for the report but will be very surprised if the court agrees.

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