Ed must do community service but is not given a custodial sentence.

Radio Times: A big day for the Grundys.

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  • Susan is worried about keeping her job at the school; her new colleagues sense that something is wrong but they don’t know what – and they are not going to! She thinks that maybe Clive is really ill, damaged by his experience in prison, and resolves to talk to Usha about getting a psychiatrist to see him. Neil reluctantly gives his support; he has decided it would be best if he told Shula.
  • Meanwhile at The Stables, Shula is trying to persuade her ex-customers to bring their horses back – not very successfully so far. Neil arrives with his news of Clive and has just reached the point of the tale when George turns up.
  • Ed is up before the beak and is warned that for such a serious offence they must consider a custodial sentence. However, having listened to Miss Gupta’s plea, they have decided that the best course is 100 hours of community service and a Community Rehabilitation Order. Phew!
  • Everybody, it seems, is sorry for everybody else in the horse slashing business. The one person who should apologise is in prison. George resumes his dog training duties but is glad they told him.
  • Ed is relieved but could do with a respite from Eddie’s remarks; he will find out more about the Order from his probation officer next week but it seems it is a kind of course, an evening class, in thinking skills. Joe has been thinking that he really would like a party in the barn; maybe if the villagers come and have a good time they will support the planning appeal. Joe seems to have a lot of faith in that field being the making of Edward; Clarrie is anxious that he should not turn out like Clive Horrobin.

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