Clive shocks Susan with the revelation that he was really out to hurt ex-policeman George Barford.

Radio Times: Emma gets some good news.

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  • Shula is trying to return to normality; right now that means discussing the Harvest Festival with fellow church-warden Bert. Alan’s idea is to link it to British Food and Farming fortnight by holding it in a barn. Does Bert think that David would provide the barn? Just at the moment, with the TB menace lifted, he would probably be willing to provide almost anything, for example Bert would not normally have called on Shula on his way to Felpersham on an errand!
  • Bert encounters William in town and is surprised to find him so unsupportive of his errant brother. An excited Emma joins them; her application for a subsidised scooter has been accepted so she will soon have her own wheels.
  • Susan was not sure whether Clive wanted her to visit again but she has come anyway. She persuades him to talk about what he has been doing but doesn’t like what she hears. He was with a girl for a while and was relatively law-abiding then, no thieving, just drug dealing! (She would have preferred the thieving!) He had had a rough time in prison because he made the mistake of ‘sorting out’ someone who turned out to be well connected, so he got regular beatings and was finally carved up nicely. He swore then that he would get the bastard who fingered him and put him in prison – George Barford. A shocked Susan explains that his intelligence was flawed (in more ways than one) because the Barfords no longer live at The Stables, so he has terrorised Shula for nothing. He is surprised but unrepentant. After what he has done he is not worth bothering with and the less she sees of him the better.

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