Brookfield rejoices: the TB tests are negative. Ed worries about his court appearance.

Radio Times: Brookfield holds its breath.

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  • It’s an important day at Brookfield: when Alistair arrives he will go through the herd looking for signs of the dreaded TB.
  • Fallon is shopping for a visit to Ed, to cheer him up. At least nobody now believes he was the horse slasher. Betty feels it is lovely having Roy and Hayley living at Willow Farm; they have built-in babysitters. It reminds her of how kind Pat and Tony were when she and Mike first moved in.
  • At Brookfield the tension mounts as Alistair checks the herd; Ruth bails out on lunch duty with a few cows left to do and is on the phone to Jill when the David and Alistair come in; the bad news is that they have a problem with one cow – but it is not TB, that is all clear! Ruth is on the verge of a heart attack and doesn’t really appreciate David’s humour; his mother thinks he might grow up one day. With the TB off their minds, they can think about other people’s problems, specifically those of Alistair and Shula. Alistair reports that thay are relieved about Clive being caught and locked up; Daniel is mightily proud of Scruff but they still have no idea of Clive’s motive.
  • Ed is enjoying the music Fallon has brought – a band they heard at Glastonbury. He cannot get it out of his mind that by next week he may be in prison. Fallon tells him that it is no use blaming Jazzer; he should not have been stealing in the first place. He is scared. Pleading guilty must help but Fallon assures him that whatever happens his family and friends will stand by him; he is going to get through this.

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