Susan visits Clive in prison but gets nothing out of him about why he slashed the horses.

Radio Times: Tough times for Susan.

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  • Susan is having a bad night, not really sleeping at all. She is daunted by the prospect of going into a prison again but she must talk to Clive; she wants to know why he did it.
  • Alice is competing in a horse show but has time for a chat with her brother. Adam would quite like to go along and watch her compete but the PYO beckons. Actually he needs to talk to Brian about the strawberries but Brian is clearly not in a hurry to do so and tells Adam rather brusquely that there are more pressing jobs which should be his top priority just now.
  • Clive is not very forthcoming when Susan visits him and not in the least bit interested in her family news, in fact he interprets her news about how well they are doing (if only!) as rubbing his nose in it. So should she go or should she stay? He decides he would like her to stay.
  • It was not a good day for Alice – she came seventh. The fact that she has not done her prep and, because of equine duties, will not have time to do it before supper, only reinforces Brian’s view that Chandler is one horse too many and must go. Maybe joining into Adam’s argument about treatment of third world farmers was not the best tactic and mentioning the views of Amy’s father certainly wasn’t; Brian storms off declaring himself fed up with being lectured by people who don’t know the first thing about farming.
  • Why? That’s the question Susan wants answered but Clive is not making any sense. Apart from admitting a hatred of dogs, Susan gets nothing out of him; he is just going round in circles – very frustrating.

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