The atmosphere at the Stables is much calmer; Clive Horrobin is in big trouble.

Radio Times: Usha has a difficult client.

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  • Usha is having a very frustrating time trying to get answers from Clive Horrobin. He is now in custody at the police station, charged with being the horse slasher. The evidence against him is very strong, warns Usha. He had better think hard about how he is going to explain his blood-stained clothes and the discarded Stanley knife, now retrieved by the police for analysis. Clive seems unable to realise that Usha is trying to help him, and remains resentful and uncooperative.
  • At the Stables, Shula sounds much brighter now that the nightmare is over. But why on earth did Clive Horrobin want to pick on them? Alistair is tired, having been questioned by the police about the injuries to Indigo, but can’t call off the TB testing at Brookfield. Daniel comes in with Scruff ‘the hero’ and Shula assures him that now the horrible man has gone, they have nothing more to worry about.
  • Poor old Susan. Why did it have to be Clive? She never thought it would be him. Neil is angry that yet again he is causing such distress to the family. Susan is determined to go to the shop though – she’s not going to let Clive spoil everything.
  • At Brookfield, Alistair tells Ruth and David how relieved they are that the ordeal is over. With any luck they can start to live their lives normally again.
  • Neither Neil nor Susan are hungry for lunch. It was really embarrassing serving some people in the shop this morning – Jean Harvey, Derek Fletcher, Mr Booth, (the voiceless busy bodies again!) looking at her as if she was dirty … It’s got nothing to do with them, retorts an angry Neil. Susan wishes it hadn’t been Neil who found him – Clive could have killed him. She’s asked the police if she can go and see Clive – he’s still her brother after all. They wouldn’t let her, and anyway Neil doesn’t want her going anywhere near him.
  • Ruth rings Shula to talk about the night’s events. Shula expresses her hopes that it won’t be too awkward when they next see Susan or Neil. The police asked her what involvement they’d had with the Horrobins, which might have led to the attacks, but nothing seems obvious. She just hopes Clive doesn’t get bail – she couldn’t bear him still being at large.
  • Usha is still trying to convince a bolshy and insolent Clive that he is in serious trouble. The evidence is stacked against him and he should plead guilty. That’d suit everybody, wouldn’t it, so he’s not admitting to anything …

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