Tonight’s the night! Neil corners the horse slasher.

Radio Times: Farm Watch swings into action.

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  • Mike checks with Oliver who is on Farm Watch duty tonight so that he can follow a different route on his milk round in the morning. It’s Neil and David, but since the Watch started all’s been quiet as a grave. Pity they couldn’t manage to patrol all night, but folks have got to work.
  • Over a pint, David and Alistair are discussing their probable place in the cricket league. Adam’s been a big miss since his strawberries have been ready, and he hopes to have a full growing season next year. So depending on him for the team may be even more unlikely. Alistair wonders if David has any plans for his birthday in a couple of weeks. He doesn’t really feel like celebrating anything at the moment – not with the cows due for TB re-testing tomorrow.
  • Scruff is still getting the better of Shula. Neil meets her and Daniel walking on the Green and she thanks him for the part he’s playing in the Watch. Mike appears suddenly and Shula nearly jumps out of her skin. The men chat about being on watch and how tired they feel, putting it down to getting old.
  • The alarm goes off at the Stables and Shula and Alistair see the slasher running off across the paddock hotly pursued by Scruff. Get the Police! Call Oliver – get everyone out, quick!!
  • Neil and David are checking the nearby farms for unfamiliar vehicles. They must keep their heads if they find him – he’s got a knife. It’s not worth the risk of getting out of the car. David can see nothing unusual at Marneys and they move on to the next one.
  • Indigo has been badly cut and there is blood everywhere. At least he is alive. Why aren’t the Police here yet? Shula is at her wits end and breaks down as Oliver reports that no-one has seen anything.
  • Neil, now on his own for some reason, is reporting to David having spotted an open gate and a couple of heifers in the lane. As he tries to get them back in the field he encounters a heavy breather with a knife. To the sound of Police sirens getting ever closer, Neil grabs him and exclaims incredulously, “Oh my God – it’s YOU … “

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