David is going to advertise his Herefords at the Royal. Eddie isn’t impressed at the idea of doing the morning milking instead of Joe.

Radio Times: Tom makes David an offer he can’t refuse.

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  • Sam thinks Ruth is very lucky to have Jill as a mother-in-law whereas Ruth appears to prefer cows to kids. She thinks that’s perfectly reasonable. Ruth is having a barbecue for her birthday in a couple of weeks but Sam isn’t sure Kirsty can make it. She’s already not happy about the amount of time they spend in the Bull.
  • Eddie is having trouble with his van. There is no news yet from the police about Ed although they are still working on it and so are Fallon and Jazzer.
  • Tom is pleased he’s got a part of a stand at the Borchester Fine Foods stall at the Royal. He offers part of it to David to advertise his Herefords. It would be excellent publicity. David is thrilled to be going. Sam would like to go too but they may have to work round David and Ruth. In the meantime he gets bullied into the single wicket contest.
  • Eddie isn’t impressed that Joe has volunteered to do Oliver’s morning milking. He’s also not impressed that she thinks Eddie might do it instead – he’s not going back to Grange Farm as a hired hand. But Clarrie thinks it’s important for Ed. Eddie isn’t going to touch it with a barge pole.

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