Mike persuades Joe to take on the morning milking at Grange Farm.

Radio Times: The future rests with Joe.

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  • Nigel needs Mike’s help with his young trees. Something seems to be attacking them. Mike’s first thought is that it is deer but on seeing it, it is more likely to be rabbits. He’ll have to do some replanting.
  • Jazzer is complaining about looking for Ed. He’s knackered from working at Grange Farm. He’s not keen on having to deal with Clarrie either but Fallon reckons he owes her.
  • Kenton needs to buy a present for Nigel which reminds Fallon she needs to get something for Sid. She’s also planning her own 21st party on a 007 theme and Kenton is very upset to find out he’s too old to be invited. He tries to convince Nigel to throw a party instead but Nigel doesn’t want one this year.
  • Mike has a go at convincing Joe to take on the morning milking at Grange Farm. At first he’s not keen but he’s convinced to keep it going for Ed. Clarrie doesn’t think it’s a very good idea at his age.

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