David is repentant about Sophie. Ruth is confused about her feelings.

Radio Times: Reality bites for David.

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  • Ed gives Mike a hand at the dairy, where they seem to be hitting things off. Ed has arranged a field walk to look for things that could damage the cows’ hooves; Eddie and Joe, Jazzer and Alan have all signed up. Mike’s sorry he can’t join this oddly-assorted group.
  • David rings Sophie early to tell her it’s all over between them, and that he’s resigning from the Sundial House committee. Sophie is angry, and tells David that he’s just a country boy who hasn’t acquired a vestige of sophistication. He doesn’t matter to her, she says, and she’s going back to Henley. But somehow it doesn’t ring true.
  • Sam is in a state, and has to see Ruth. He finds her with the calves, and they agree to meet later to talk.
  • David makes Ruth listen to him. He tells her about his call to Sophie, and says he’ll do anything to put things right with Ruth. He will never see Sophie again.
  • Mike and Ed have a cup of tea together. It looks as though Jazzer will take the milk round on permanently, to give Mike more time in the dairy. Mike thinks Jazzer has found an insomniac lady friend to cheer his early mornings.
  • Ruth meets Sam as arranged, and they kiss. She tells him she’s been wanting to see him, but when she tells him about David’s remorseful confession, Sam thinks it’s all over between them. Ruth says that while she knows she ought to try and patch things up, she has to be sure that she’s doing the right thing. She knows she should walk away from Sam, but she just can’t. Everything has changed.

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