David is remorseful. Ruth is confused. Pat is on a high.

Radio Times: It’s confession time at Brookfield farm.

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  • Even Pip notices the atmosphere at Brookfield, and she complains that neither David nor Ruth has shown any interest in her Maths project. As soon as she can, Ruth leaves David to get the children ready for school, and seeks sanctuary in the milking parlour.
  • A downcast Pat sets off for what she says is her final effort to persuade a supermarket to take Bridge Farm carrots. Tony tells her she must be more optimistic; they have a good product.
  • Sam tells Ruth he meant every word he said last night, and Ruth tells him she knows. They are interrupted by David, but he fails to pick up Sam’s awkwardness.
  • Pat returns even more dispirited; the price on offer this time is even lower than the other two. But Tony has some good news. While she was out, the first supermarket rang to make her the offer she has sought in the first place. Bridge Farm carrots will be a success. They can’t wait to tell Tom.
  • David tells Ruth the truth about last night. He admits he has been naive, and that Sophie is out of his life for ever. He says he loves Ruth, and is sorry for what he did. But Ruth isn’t to be so easily won round. Her feelings are much more complex.

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