David calls a halt. Sam tells Ruth the truth.

Radio Times: Can David and Ruth resist temptation?

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  • Despite Ruth begging David not to see Sophie again, he insists on going, but tells her that Lynda will also be there. A distraught Ruth rings Ambridge Hall to check, and discovers that Lynda is at work. A call to Grey Gables confirms this.
  • When David tells her that things between him and Ruth are difficult at present, Sophie uses all her considerable charm to suggest that she and David should make up for lost time and enjoy themselves. She kisses David, who is horrified, and protests that this is not what he wants. He loves Ruth and certainly doesn’t want to jeopardise his marriage. Sophie does her best to dissuade him , but David leaves before matters go any further between them.
  • A hysterical Ruth batters on Sam’s door. He does his best to calm her, but when she tells him that David and Sophie are having an affair, and that David has lied to her yet again, Sam can take no more. He tells Ruth she deserves a man who will love her and give her the attention she deserves – someone like him. They kiss, and Ruth responds to this, but, realising where it is leading, runs home.

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