Ruth and David get to a crisis point and Sam tries to comfort Ruth.

Radio Times: It’s an unlucky day at Brookfield farm.

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  • Ruth demands an explanation from David about why he lied to her about lunch yesterday. He says he can explain it but Ruth accuses him of having an affair. If it was all so innocent, why didn’t he tell her? Ruth admits she’s jealous but if he knows it hurts her why does he keep seeing her. David says he is sorry for lying but Ruth is making it difficult for him. Why shouldn’t he be mates with Sophie? He won’t be emotionally blackmailed. She’s a sweet person and Ruth is going to have to live with that.
  • Jennifer is still cross with Alice over the clothes she sold but at least she did some good business. Pat, meanwhile, has been disappointed by another supermarket. They say they want good quality organic produce but they aren’t prepared to pay for it. Helen is doing better though; Ross has asked her out again.
  • Lynda is cross at some of the renovations that have been made to the Cat and Fiddle. The staircase has been replaced for a start and Lynda is sure that wasn’t planned. She is protesting of course. And she is also working on the Christmas show. Amazing how these old stories ring true – the Queen beautiful but insecure. Lynda won’t kill her off though – just banish her to Felpersham.
  • Tony tries to convince Pat she should be proud of herself for not being walked over by the supermarkets but Pat isn’t so sure.
  • Ruth is working herself into a terrible state. She can’t face David and she doesn’t want the kids seeing her crying. Sam tries to comfort her. She tells him everything. He won’t stop seeing her even though she’s begged him. One minute she believes him and the next minute she’s eaten up with suspicion. If he loves her, how can he do this to her? Sam wishes he could make it all go away for her.

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