David learns the truth about Ruth and Sam.

Radio Times: It’s crisis time at Brookfield Farm.

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  • Ruth is in a bad way: she thinks she is going mad, so Usha gets a call for help.
  • Debbie drops in on Adam and congratulates him on his forthcoming marriage. There is a rebuke too: she has found some grass weeds in the crops. Adam had decided not to spray but he could have consulted her; it’s what she is paid for.
  • Usha does her best to calm Ruth and confirm that she has done the right thing. Sam going was for the best; she must be strong and look to the future. David bursts in on the conversation; Ruth flees; a tight-lipped Usha advises him to find her and talk.
  • After a meeting with Matt, Debbie finds Adam preparing sheep pens: scab has been confirmed. Now he is facing injecting the whole flock; Debbie’s offer to help is very welcome. They are both concerned about their mum who seems stressed: it’s Ruaridh’s birthday and Brian has been on the phone to Germany.
  • David is not taking no for an answer; it has been clear for days that Ruth has been bottling something; now it must come out. When the truth dawns he is incensed; he will not accept that he is at all to blame for his conduct with Sophie. Ruth explains that she was upset and confused, thinking he was sleeping with Sophie; Sam listened; Sam cared; Sam told her he loved her. David points out that she could have ended it there and walked away. She explained about Oxford and that she could not go through with it because she loves David more – and the children. But for David the damage is done; the trust has gone; she was in love with Sam – and she still is. What else is there to say?

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