Kirsty is upset about Sam’s departure. Hayley tells Roy about her year without the pill.

Radio Times: Hayley has to confess all.

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  • It’s Peggy’s birthday; Jack has got her something, if only he could remember what it is: Jennifer arrives in time to remind him. It’s a wonderful cameo.
  • She has not told Roy but Hayley is consulting her doctor about her failure to conceive. He suggests that they both come next time for tests. That means she will have to tell Roy about not taking the pill for a year.
  • Helen is looking forward to her double date with Ross, Tom and Brenda. Kirsty is pre-occupied with Sam’s departure without even a goodbye. She needs to put it behind her; easier said than done.
  • When Hayley finally finds the words to tell Roy her secret, he is at first bewildered but then very understanding. He should have realised how much she wanted a baby. Of course he will go with her to the doctor’s; after all, making a baby does take two.

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