Ruth struggles to hide the truth about Sam. Jill loses her struggle to stay out of the panto.

Radio Times: Ruth has trouble hiding the truth.

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  • Ruth can’t sleep – no prizes for working out why – and is up at 5:30 to help the new temporary dairyman. David is still at a loss to understand what they have done to make Sam leave; Ruth assures him it’s nothing they have done.
  • It’s Remembrance Sunday and in church Peggy, who is 82 tomorrow, remembers those of her friends who did not get the chance to live to a ripe old age. Afterwards, Lynda corners Jill and pleads desperately for her to consider being the Wicked Stepmother in her panto.
  • Adam has been researching wedding venues. For a Saturday at Lower Loxley they would have to wait until March 2008 but there is a cancellation on 14th December. Ian is worried that he has still to tell his family, particularly his father and his brothers.
  • When Lynda visits Brookfield, she is delighted to find Jill there as well as David. She increases the pressure by announcing that Caroline has agreed to help with the costumes in Jill’s place; Jill cracks – she will give the Wicked Stepmother a try. But they both draw the line at attending Lynda’s rehearsal on Friday; it’s Jill and Phil’s anniversary party.
  • Ian has thought it through: telling his folks will not get any easier for putting it off, so they should go for the December cancellation. Book it now! They will be married by Christmas.
  • Ruth is still keeping busy and resists David’s attempt to get her indoors. He knows she is bottling something but she insists there is nothing wrong. There is nothing for it but to leave her to finish her work.

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