Sam makes a break with Brookfield. Will can’t see any good in Ed.

Radio Times: Sam’s got something to say at Brookfield Farm.

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  • A worried David asks Ruth if there is anything physically wrong; he can’t bear the thought that the rift between them had made her ill. Ruth reassures him, and suggests that they put things behind them. David’s only too happy to agree, and Ruth laughs for the first time in weeks. But they are interrupted by Sam, who has come to hand in his notice with immediate effect.
  • Jazzer turns up late at the shoot, where he is beating, and gets an earful from Will, especially when he takes a nap before lunch. Brian is more complimentary, and says he wishes he had Jazzer’s stamina. But the day goes well, and even Matt has praise for Will’s efforts.
  • Flabbergasted, David asks Ruth if she knows what’s behind Sam’s precipitate decision. Ruth is quiet, but, as usual, David fails to notice. David’s sure it’s connected with Sam’s unexpected return on Tuesday.
  • Jazzer accidentally lets it slip that he and Will came up to Littleton Cover to help Will when the poachers were there. Brian is very pleased with them, but Will can only see it in the worst light; how typical of Ed to run out on a problem
  • Ruth snatches a moment to find Sam, and to say goodbye. She’s grateful that he’s made things easy for her, and tells him to forget her. No, says Sam, I can’t promise that.

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