David makes an expensive mistake and loses a day’s milk.

Radio Times: David takes his eye off the ball and Kirsty’s meeting takes an unexpected turn.

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  • As part of her campaign to get into Clarrie’s good books Emma has arranged a shopping trip; so she is hoping to do her cleaning duties at Brookfield today instead of her normal day. That’s fine. David and Ruth have other worries: David has failed to switch on the by-pass for the bulk milk tank so the whole of this morning’s milk has been contaminated and will have to be thrown away – and last night’s too.
  • Kirsty wants to run some promotion ideas past Helen and is surprised to find her still in pyjamas. Also, it is difficult to capture the attention of the besotted new mum. Kirsty is deputed to babysit while Helen has a shower.
  • Back at Brookfield, Usha has called to see Ruth but first tries to recruit Emma to her book club. David points her in the direction of the lambing shed and says with some feeling that that Ruth may be glad of a change of company.
  • Kirsty hasn’t quite got the touch: Henry wouldn’t go to sleep and has been sick on her – just a bit. Anyway, she is pleased to hear that Helen has confidence in her judgement and is happy for her to plough on with any new ideas she has for the shop.
  • Ruth is grateful to pour out her troubles to Usha. Something like this was bound to happen with David still splitting his time and attention between Brookfield and Lower Loxley. It’s self inflicted and it can’t go on. David has ducked asking Elizabeth about getting professional help on a permanent basis but he is not really doing her any favours: how will she ever learn to face reality again?

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